Valeting & Detailing

We can offer a wide range of valeting and detailing services or any make or model of vehicle, boat, tractor, or lorry. We have extensive tools and equipment and only use top cleaning chemicals for all our jobs. If its not good enough for our own show car Audi TT, then we wouldnt use it on your car. We can offer anything from a basic exterior wash, MOT/underbody washes, Mini valets right up to high end paint correction and vehicle restoration. We work on a range of vehicles anything from every day cars right up to high end classics and exotics. No matter if your car is a sub 1k daily, or a 100k exotic all cars get the high end "Prestige" treatment we offer. Below is some of our popular services with a break down of each, though some jobs may differ in price due to the extent of the job, or the nature of the vehicle as more care is required with older vintage cars etc.

Safe Wash from £7

The vehicle is treated to a pre clean, and rinsed off and soaked with a blanket of snow foam, all crevices and grills, badges etc are cleaned to pull out ingrained dirt, washed with the 2 bucket method and rinsed and dried, and tyres dressed.

Mini Valet from £15

As per the safe wash above, but exterior trims dressed, Interior Upholstery & Carpets Vaccumed, dash & plastics cleaned and Glass and mirrors cleaned.

Mini Valet + from £35

As per the Mini Valet, Interior Upholstery & Carpets Shampoo'd, Leather/Alcantara Cleaned and treated were applicable.

Full Valet From £40

As per the Mini Valet, Car Detar'd and de contaminated. Hand Polished.

Full Valet From + £55

As per the Mini Valet +, Car Detar'd and de contaminated. Hand Polished.

Exterior Enhancement £90

As per the safe wash above, Under Arches + Door shuts claned and rinsed, Car Fully Clay'd and detared removing any contaminants, Single Stage Machine Polish, and Coat of Wax/Sealant.

Underbody Wash from £20

Includes our Safe wash process, and full underbody washed and deep cleaned, engine bay also cleaned and dressed. Ideal clean up pior to MOT, or just after driving the car on salted winter roads to remove and remains from snow and salt rusting away the body.

We have many more packages to offer as well as able to tailor one to your requirements please contact us for more details, and we can answer any questions and concerns you may have about any particular piece of the detail.